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Why is the motorcycle clutch not designed like a car, designed as a foot control? Safety hazards are really worrying



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Why is the motorcycle clutch not designed like a car, designed as a foot control? Safety hazards are really worrying

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Friends who have driven motorcycles in daily life know that the motorcycle is the left hand clutch, the right hand front brake, the left foot shift, and the right foot rear brake. However, with the curious netizens, I must ask: "Why is the clutch of the motorcycle not controlled by the foot like a car?" Don't worry about the readers, and listen to the Xiaobian below for your analysis.
In fact, this question is very interesting. According to the car in the wild, it seems that the high-end two-wheeled motorcycle clutch is controlled by hand. It seems that there is no foot control, so why should the motorcycle clutch be controlled by hand and not by foot?
To figure out this problem, let's first look at the position of the left and right feet of the motorcycle. The position of the left foot of the rider after riding the motorcycle is the shift lever. This design can largely utilize the spare position to achieve the gear. Quickly swap in.     
The right foot position of the motorcycle is just the pedal of the rear brake. This design is also to use the vacant position to achieve rapid and effective vehicle braking.
Then we assume that the straddle bike will be designed with the front and rear brakes on the handlebars, and what about the clutch pedals in the right brake position? If you can hang the gear and start smoothly, you are a cow, because the starting clutch and the lever of the vehicle are operated at the same time, and if the motorcycle needs to operate at the same time, the feet need to be off the ground. The feet fall over the ground, so this design is not only unreasonable, but also has major safety hazards.       
This shows that this design is impossible. It is not a technical problem. It is just a habit of using and reasonable. The design of any thing should be based on actual practical needs. If it is only used in the process, it will be repugnant. The value is not big. Therefore, the clutch design position and other operations of the motorcycle are quite reasonable.