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What is the fault of the motorcycle's so-called clutch slip?



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What is the fault of the motorcycle's so-called clutch slip?

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It is easy for the clutch to slip during the use of the motorcycle. What is the so-called clutch slip? What caused it? What is the impact of the motorcycle clutch slipping? Today, the Cavaliers share it for you.
The main function of the motorcycle clutch is to cut off and transmit the power transmitted by the engine to the gearbox to help the vehicle start smoothly and shift gears. When the motorcycle is in normal use, the clutch slips due to normal wear or improper operation. When the clutch is slipped, the power of the vehicle will drop, and the fuel consumption will rise. Therefore, when the motorcycle has a clutch slip phenomenon, it must be repaired as soon as possible.
The clutch of a motorcycle is mainly composed of a clutch big ancient, a small ancient, a friction plate, etc., wherein the friction plate is the main component of the clutch, and the so-called clutch slip is also caused by excessive wear, so that the vehicle has a clutch slip phenomenon. It can only be corrected by replacing the new friction plate.
Under normal circumstances, the motorcycle clutch friction plate has nine components, five of which are the active piece and the four-piece driven piece. The active piece is made of asbestos composite material, and the driven piece is made of iron. This special material makes the active sheet easy to wear excessively, and the main reason for its excessive wear is directly related to the improper use, because under normal circumstances, as long as the clutch of the motorcycle is used reasonably, the friction disc is also in the scrapping period. No need to replace it.
However, in actual use, it is inevitable that there will be a semi-clutch state, because the traffic jam or the uphill start can only use the semi-clutch, and the vehicle can move smoothly. In this case, if the throttle is not properly matched, the friction plate rotates rapidly. In the case of excessive wear, it is easy to wear, so the wear of the friction plate is inevitable.
What is the fault performance of the clutch when the vehicle is in use? In fact, its fault performance is very obvious. If the speed of the clutch slips during the acceleration process, the engine speed will be obviously increased, but the speed of the engine will not change. If the engine is loose, the vehicle will move forward. If the vehicle has this phenomenon, It indicates that the clutch is slipping, and the friction plate needs to be replaced at this time. The replacement process of the friction plates will be different for different models, but they are basically the same.