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How to use the motorcycle clutch is the most correct, the old driver gives you the answer



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How to use the motorcycle clutch is the most correct, the old driver gives you the answer

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There are many misunderstandings in the use of motorcycle clutches. To properly use the clutch, first understand the main functions and principles of the motorcycle clutch. The main function of the motorcycle clutch is to transmit and cut off the power of the engine to help the vehicle achieve a smooth start and shift.
In order to understand the working principle of the clutch, we must first look at the components of the clutch. The main parts of the clutch are clutch big ancient, clutch small ancient, clutch friction plate, clutch compression spring, clutch release bearing, clutch reverse lever, Clutch rocker arm, clutch cable, clutch operating handle. Wow, a small clutch has so many parts. So how does it work?
The clutch big ancient is directly connected to the engine crankshaft so it is a master disc, and the clutch small Guhe engine gearbox spindle is connected to it is a driven disc, then the rider who knows the machine can see that the friction disc can be found here. There are certainly two ways to achieve normal operation of the clutch. In fact, it is true that the clutch disc of the motorcycle is divided into an active piece and a driven piece, and the two types of clutch plates constitute a friction plate.
The friction plate is the main force transmission component of the clutch. The two clutch plates transmit power to the transmission only under normal contact. Therefore, the clutch of the motorcycle is a normally closed device. Only when you pull the clutch to operate the hand, the two friction plates will be separated, thus achieving the normal operation of the clutch.
The above introduction may be foggy in the fog of the clouds that many riders will watch. To put it simply, the motorcycle clutch does not need to be operated frequently, only the device that is necessary to operate when starting and shifting. While skiing downhill, the vehicle decelerating the clutch for a long time is an incorrect way to use the clutch, so the clutch is easily damaged.
Therefore, as long as the motorcycle uses the clutch during the starting and shifting of the vehicle, it is correct, and for a long time and half linkage, it is the most wrong clutch to use the clutch as the transmission.