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What is the failure of the motorcycle clutch?



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What is the failure of the motorcycle clutch?

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The following is a small series "Wind Chi " for everyone to explain: Sundiro Honda 125 motorcycle clutch failure, the so-called failure is that the clutch can not work properly. The failure of a typical clutch is nothing more than no separation or integration. The specific reasons are as follows:
The clutch does not separate: 1. The clutch friction plates are bonded to each other. This condition only occurs on long-term parked vehicles. Motorcycles that ride frequently do not generally experience this type of failure unless very poor quality lubricants are added. 2, the clutch has a tooth-shaped scratch, and the general possibility that the clutch does not separate is the biggest one. 3, can not be adjusted, the clutch free travel too large will cause the clutch can not be separated.
1. The friction plate is damaged because the friction plate is excessively worn due to the frequent use of the semi-bonding. 2, the clutch size of the ancient wear gap is too large, it will also cause the clutch can not be properly combined. 3. If the adjustment is not proper, the clutch free travel will be too small and the clutch will not be properly combined.
Through your description and the quality of the engine, it is most likely that the friction plate is damaged and the replacement of a pair of friction plates should be solved. The above is the content of Xiaobian "Feng Chi dian 掣" for everyone to explain, I hope everyone likes it.