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Is it economical to hold the clutch and slide in a motorcycle ride? Is it harmful? The answer is too great!



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Is it economical to hold the clutch and slide in a motorcycle ride? Is it harmful? The answer is too great!

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There are many riders who like to ride the car after the speed is raised. The clutch is tightly slid with the gear, and some even have obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you release the throttle, you will not feel the clutching and sliding. From the perspective of fuel economy, for the carburetor model, the gripping clutch with the gear is sure to save fuel. After all, the speed has dropped, but for the EFI, it is not fuel-efficient, because the EFI will be in you. When the throttle is released, the fuel injection is automatically stopped. When you hold the clutch and the engine speed drops to idle speed, the engine starts to spray again, which is costly. In fact, it is a bad habit to catch the clutch. It is a dangerous operation to hold the clutch with the gear on the downhill slope. It is easy to crash, and this operation is also easy to cause the clutch to be damaged. Below, I will explain from the principle point of view.
What is a clutch? The clutch is a device that cuts off and connects the engine to the transmission power transmission when starting or shifting. It is equivalent to the switch in the electric circuit, and is divided into a dry single-chip type and a wet multi-piece type. The motorcycle uses a wet multi-plate type clutch. The main component in the clutch is the friction plate, which is divided into active friction plates and passive friction plates. The active friction plate is integrated with the engine crankshaft through a gear; the passive friction plate is also integrated with the drive wheel of the gearbox through the gear. In general, the clutch has multiple active friction plates and multiple passive friction plates. The two are concentric circles, which are placed at intervals (one active, one passive, one active, and one passive).
The clutch has three working states:
The first is the combined state: the active friction plate and the passive friction plate are combined under the action of the spring and the pressure plate, at which time the power from the engine is transmitted to the gearbox.
The second state is the separated state: that is, when we hold the clutch handle, the pressure originally acting on the active and passive friction plates is released, the active friction plate and the passive friction plate are changed from the combined state to the separated state, and the active friction plate is rotated with the engine. The passive friction plate rotates with the drive shaft of the transmission, and the power transmission is cut off.
The third state is a semi-bonded state: in this state, the active friction sheet and the passive friction sheet are neither completely combined nor completely separated, and the power transmission is in a state of being half-cut and half-continuous.
The so-called separation state is only a theoretical description. In fact, because the gap between the active friction plate and the passive friction plate is small, even in the completely separated state, you are holding me between the two, I am holding you. , will produce a certain amount of friction. If it is in this state for a long time, it is easy to generate high temperature due to friction, and the clutch will be burnt severely. Therefore, from the perspective of safety, try to catch the clutch as little as possible!
Want to achieve the operation without pulling the clutch?
First of all, you need to be familiar with the car. We assume that your clutch is now broken and you can't use it. You need to ride to the repair shop. Ok, now you can start, hang the neutral, push the cart, push the car to the second gear or the higher one. Speed, then jump up and hang up 2nd gear, if your stroller speed is unbalanced or the road is not flat, then add a little oil immediately, and when you lose a little bit of oil, the gear is locked. As for the 1st gear or the 2nd gear depends on the time of your car. Speed, it’s too fast to hang a file, it’s not easy to control. Slowly, you hang the second gear and directly turn off the fire. Ok, now it’s already on the road. The current gear is second gear. You need to accelerate. The same fuel speed is accelerated. The speed can be changed to third or fourth gear. Lose a little oil, the same oil shifting moment, then shifting gears, the gear must be thrown a little bit of oil to enter, the gear can be retracted as long as the car speed balance, when the same way to retract the gear does not hurt the engine. According to my usual operation, the cooperation between the oil and the gear is best not completed in 0.5 seconds. This will not have an abnormal feeling and the shifting is easy. The engine will swell for 0.5 to 1 second, and it will not operate for more than 1 second. The last thing to be reminded is that in the absence of a clutch, do not brake, do not drive at high speed, retreat when downhill, use the engine to pin the speed, do not add fuel, do not brake, the brake will affect the current speed, the gear position and speed do not match. And you can't easily shift gears when you are downhill. As for parking, you go back from the 5th gear, and the first gear is retired. The whole process includes you running on the road. It is no problem to use the brakes. You are familiar with the approximate speed of each gear. Retreat, can not jump, otherwise it is easy to roll over, need to quickly retract or stop need to be skilled operation, when parking, retreat to a file, the car stops quickly without brakes directly brake the brakes, feet stay to keep the car does not fall
Therefore, the downhill clutch of the motorcycle is not harmful to the motorcycle itself, but it has hidden dangers to the safety of the driver. Because the clutch is in a separate state, the engine traction is cut off, the vehicle loses power, and there is no engine system in the event of an emergency. Movement, can not quickly reduce the speed of the car, there is no engine power, there is no power support in the case of need to get out of the trap, it is a dangerous driving habit, the clutch is only used when shifting and low-speed follow-up or about to stop, raise A good driving habit can be safer to ride.