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What is the difference between a motorcycle's slip clutch and a normal clutch?



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What is the difference between a motorcycle's slip clutch and a normal clutch?

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To understand the difference between a slip clutch and a normal clutch, first look at the main role of the motorcycle clutch.
The clutch of the motorcycle is an indispensable device in the operation of the vehicle. Its main function is to transmit and cut off the power transmitted by the engine to the gearbox. It has already played a role in the smooth start of the motorcycle and the smooth shifting, to some extent. The clutch is a buffer in the power transmission process of the vehicle, and the slip clutch and the normal clutch are a device developed to realize this buffer.
The traditional clutch structure is relatively simple, and its cushioning force is not large during the entire operation of the vehicle, and it can achieve power "seamless" transmission. The slip clutch is different in that it can amplify this power buffer by its speciality to help the rider better operate the vehicle.
Sliding clutches are generally found on high-performance motorcycles. Their structure is relatively complicated, but its main function is to help the vehicle start smoothly and smoothly shift, but because of the special structure, this power transmission process can be used. The buffer in the enlargement.
In addition to the engine power, there is actually an inertial power during the running of the motorcycle. This inertial power will generate a reverse torque during the shifting of the motorcycle. If the torque does not match the engine speed, there will be obvious vehicle setbacks. sense. (Please imagine)
The slip clutch, because it is equipped with a set of meshing gear sets (helical gear combination), can temporarily remove this reverse torque and keep the shifting process in a smooth combination, so the shifting process of the vehicle will be compared. Something smoother, even if you continue to downshift, it will not appear, teething or strong frustration. The ordinary clutch does not have this function, it is just a simple power cut and transmission.
If the above explanation does not make you understand the slip clutch, you can think of the slip clutch as a single power transmission gear device that only transmits the power of the engine to the rear wheels, while the inertia power of the rear wheels cannot be transmitted to the engine. However, this function only exists in the moment of operating the clutch, because once this function is present for a long time, the engine traction will be lost. Therefore, the slip clutch can be simply understood as a "single power transmission".
Through the above introduction, you can see that the slip clutch is not a mysterious thing, but the riders have less contact with this thing, so it will cause its mystery, and the difference between it and the ordinary clutch, The main reason is that the driving experience is different during the shifting process, so the slip clutch is a secondary auxiliary device during the operation. If you drive the vehicle, the whole shifting process will be very smooth, even if the vehicle is mishandled. The phenomenon of toothing.